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Image of the Applebee's logoWe have been providing braille and large print menus to Applebee's since 1994. 

"Supplying braille and large print menus to over 1800 restaurants with differing menus is not the easiest task.  But with the excellent customer service provided by Braille Works, my job is made much easier.  Their attention to detail translates into happy customers.  I have worked with Joyce and Lou Fioritto since 1994.  They have grown as have we, and through the years, have proven to be the best in supplying braille and large print menus to our customers.  I have never had a complaint on these menus, only glowing thanks.  You can’t go wrong with Braille Works!"

Liz Holmes
Applebee’s Services, Inc.
Print Production Manager

Image of the United Holiness Deliverance Temple Church logoUnited Holiness Deliverance Temple Church | Dallas, TX

Original Request:  "We are a small church in Dallas Texas. We have one person who is blind and loves to attend our annual women's prayer breakfast and women's retreat. I would love to have the programs and/or booklets that we hand out to be done in braille. Does your company work with such a small request?"

Testimonial:  "Thank you very much.  The package was on time.  The recipient was so surprised and happy to be able to not only enjoy the event but also read and follow along herself.  May God continue to bless your business is my prayer!"

Sharon Rogers
United Holiness Deliverance Temple Church

Image of the NASA logo     Image of the Tessada and Associates logo  Braille Works provided NASA with special order braille to be added to a recognition award given to Marco Midon in October 2008.  Marco is an engineer in the microwave systems branch at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD.

     "When I first got this unique request on Monday and the customer wanted it finished by 9am Wednesday, I didn't think it would be possible to get it done, having never worked with braille before. But Braille Works did a great job in getting the job done for me and shipped on time.  There was a gentleman at your company that told me braille was about the same size as 29 point type and this enabled me to set up my type to see how much room it would take up on the presentation item.  He also suggested the clear acetate for adhering over the photo and the customer loved that idea. Everyone at Braille Works was very helpful in these uncharted waters for me. Who knows what tomorrow will bring with another unique request, but that is why I love my job, it's always a challenge.

The Director of the International Space Station is the one presenting the award to Mr. Midon in appreciation for his rapid development of a ground station to receive Soyuz telemetry and his dedication in operating the station overseas."

Thanks Again Braille Works,

Sean Collins
Graphics Technical Lead
Tessada & Associates, Inc.
NASA/Johnson Space Center

Image of the Red Lobster logo We have been providing braille and large print menus to Red Lobster since 1998.

"Working with Braille Works International, Inc., has been an absolute pleasure.  Everyone who works there is so personable and professional, and the turn around on our braille menu print production is amazing.  We continue to rely on them year after year, not only for their reliability, but their continued dedication to providing the best possible service; and their commitment to getting the job done right."

Tanya Phipps
Red Lobster
Marketing Services Coordinator

Image of the Outback Steakhouse logoWe have been providing braille and large print menus to Outback Steakhouse since 1996.

  "I have to admit, Braille Works is the easiest vendor to work with.  You guys are delightful!  Thank you a million times for the hard work and dedication.  It is greatly Appreciated."

April Reyes
Outback Steakhouse
Creative Services

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