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Accessible Document Solutions 

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The Problem?
“By law; I need to have braille, large print and audio versions of my documents available but I don’t have the budget to print hundreds of copies or the space to store them.”

The Solution?
Accessible Document Solutions from Braille Works.  Watch the Demo Video Here

With Accessible Document Solutions, you can be sure that your documents are accessible as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act and the new CMS Marketing Mandate, without incurring the cost of producing and storing unnecessary copies.  Click Here to See "The Details"

As an ADS Client:

  • You save money:
    1.  By not wasting money on unnecessary printing costs
    2.  By not wasting storage space on printed copies
    3.  By taking advantage of Just-in-Time ordering of your accessible documents
    4.  By not over-printing current documents that will change over time
    5.  By being compliant with the law and avoiding unnecessary legal challenges

  • Your orders receive priority handling at no additional charge.
  • There is no charge for the storage of your documents.
  • You are billed monthly, only for the orders that are completed.
  • Your company is GREEN Be Green with Braille Works by not wasting paper and other natural resources on unnecessary printing.

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