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When it’s time to emboss braille, there’s one manufacturer that stands out from the crowd; Index Braille. We’ve used Index Braille embossers exclusively in our production facilities since 1997 and we speak from experience about the high quality of these embossers. Currently we have over 35 Index Braille embossers running from day to day to create our braille materials.

Based in Sweden, Index Braille is the world's largest braille embosser producer. Raising the technical level and lowering prices has given them the opportunity to make braille more accessible for people all over the world. With more than 30 years of experience, you'll feel the difference when embossing braille with an Index Braille printer. The dots are comfortable to read and perfectly shaped even when printing double-sided braille.

Super service and support is a good reason to choose Index Braille embossers. Their products are built to last. Fewer movable parts and robust wear details make repair services rarely necessary. However, when needed, most service issues are easily resolved with a simple firmware upgrade or module replacement. With the help of videos and detailed info that are available here and on the Index website, it's practically an effortless process.

See the stylish designs and read more about each embosser model here:

Basic-D V4 | Everest-D V4 | Braille Box V4 | 4Waves Pro V3

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