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Basic-D V4 Braille Embosser

Best-Selling Braille Printer Worldwide

Basic-D is one of the few portable braille embossers on the market today. It’s light-weight, compact design and competitive price makes it truly unique. Blind and sighted users alike are easily guided by the multilingual speech feedback function and the braille labels on the user interface. Side casings hold the speaker and ventilation system, doubling as handles for easy transportation of the braille printer.

Image of the Basic-D V4 braille embosser (front) Image of the Basic-D V4 braille embosser (opened) Image of the Basic-D V4 braille embosser (side) Image of the Basic-D V4 braille embosser (back)

Basic-D V4 is a success story. The best-selling braille embosser in the world is easy-to-use & easy-to-enjoy, using fan-folded paper to produce braille. Visit the Index Braille website to order yours today.

  • 100 characters per second - fastest embosser in its’ price range
  • High-quality interpoint braille
  • Single and/or double-sided braille
  • Braille labeled and speech guided, multilingual user interface
  • Horizontal and vertical printing
  • Tractor-fed paper - the most reliable paper feeding method
  • USB, serial and network ports for easy connectivity
  • Printer drivers to support embossing from Windows PC and Macs
  • Guides users through the embossing process using on-board speech guidance and an easy-to-follow user interface
  • Instructions also in print and braille providing options for all users

Accessories: Acoustic Cabinet

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