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Braille Transcription and Translation Services

Braille Solutions for Translation Companies

Increase your bottom line and attract new business by adding braille to your list of translation services.  Several translation companies are currently adding braille to their services to meet a higher demand from thier clients.  Adding braille transcription services can help increase your sales potential without any cost to you!

Braille Works has 19 years of experience in providing business to business braille transcription and we're aware that translation companies like yours are being sought out and asked to provide braille.  By teaming with us; you can easily offer this service, ensuring your clients will meet the needs of their blind or visually impaired customers and members.

We already meet the braille transcription needs of several translation companies, let us meet yours as well.  Request your free quote here, give us a call at 1-800-258-7544 or Contact Us with any questions or inquiries.

Braille Works Process Overview 

  • Email your document(s) to Braille Works
  • Let us know which format you need quoted; braille, large print and/or audio
  • We return a Free quote to you quickly
  • Upon signed quote: We convert the requested document(s) in the specified format
  • Converted document(s) are mailed directly to your customer with your (or your clients) return address
  • Your customer is satisfied that you have filled their order AND you have kept your client in compliance

You have helped your clients avoid costly inventory of materials!

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