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We produce Grade 2 braille unless otherwise requested.  Grade 2 braille is the most widely accepted form of braille.  It takes up less space on the page due to the contractions within words.  Grade 1 braille is un-contracted and used mostly for new braille readers who haven’t learned to read Grade 2 braille yet.  Braille Works transcribes braille materials in many languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

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Braille Printing Process:
We make the text to braille process easy for you.  When you Request a Quote, simply e-mail the text you need translated into braille and answer some basic questions (quantity, binding method, shipping method, and timing).  We estimate the number of braille pages the text will convert to and provide you with a free price quote.  Once terms are agreed on, we convert the document(s) into braille, paginate it to be reader friendly, and proof read.  The document is then embossed, bound, and packed for shipping.

Submitting Documents:  Formats we accept include Word, Text documents (RTF or TXT), PDF, Excel, PowerPoint and/or hard copies.  Files submitted electronically in Word or Text format are less labor intensive to set-up and therefore less expensive to transcribe.

Timing:  No two jobs are alike.  We will work with you to negotiate an agreeable completion date.

Paper:  We use two types of braille paper.  For documents over 32 braille pages, we use 8 ½ x 11 inch continuous paper (92 bright 90 lb. tag) with a high gloss finish.  This gives a "High Def" braille dot making it much easier to read.  These documents are bound with a plastic GBC comb and can have protective covers added when requested.  If the document is less than 32 pages, we generally suggest the magazine fold format, which is embossed on super smooth 11 x 17 inch; 65 lb. white cover stock.

Other formats can be requested and we will work closely with you to meet any custom requirements you may have. Contact us by filling out the form below or call us today at 1 (800) 258-7544.


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